Saturday, July 23, 2016

Insensitive assholes

I can't seem to get this out of my head. This past Friday, I was at the vet in Willingboro taking Layla for a follow up after the surgery she had to remove a growth in her ear. She generally hates being there. She nervous sheds, with dandruff. She shakes and wants to be picked up. We sat down close to another guy who was there with a dachshund, as well. His was a dark haired boy, eleven years old. Layla wanted to say hi and, of course, get attention from the guy, as well. His dachshund was missing his eyes. He told me that he has diabetes and they had to take his eyes out. His little paws were swollen and he was worried about him. He said that he was getting around pretty well by hearing and smelling things, and that he can get to his bowls and his toys. He said that he knew he was struggling, but he just couldn't let him go. I completely understand that. He was a very sweet dog and wanted to be held. The guy was entirely great with him. You could tell how much he cared for him. So, while we're sitting, this older woman walks by, sees Layla and says, "Hey boy! Look at you!" She's a girl. Layla obliged her. She's a people kind of dog. She loves everyone. She goes on to say that she "has dogs at home". Ok. Whatever. She seemed a bit weird and forward. She then walks over to the man and his dachshund and says, "Hey dog!" and moves closer to look at him. He didn't immediately react...well, because he's blind. What does she do? "Nevermind," she says, and waves dismissively at both of them, as if she couldn't be bothered. I found it weird, rude and highly insensitive. Part of me wanted to tell her off for being an asshole. I just shook my head. The guy didn't react much. He chose the high road, and besides, he was more concerned with his pup than to care at all about one douchebag's rude behavior. It basically tells me that some people couldn't give a rat's fat ass about others who struggle with disabilities, whether in the human or animal form. I haven't been able to shake that dachshund or his owner from my memory. He was a sweet pup and his dad clearly loved him. It bothered me to think about how dismissive people can be. Anyone who thinks that the prospect of losing their companion is of lesser importance due to their not being human is just an asshole. Remember...if you can easily mistreat or shrug off a sick animal, you're probably a borderline sociopath.

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