Monday, April 7, 2014

Against my better judgment...

I'm posting something I wrote here today. So far today, I've written three. One is a cento, and as much as it takes creativity to make a cento, I almost feel like it's sort of a cheat. So, two self portrait poems (including said cento) and this one, a love poem to an inanimate object. In this case, it's my laptop.

HP G62 is a silly name. Can I call you Noelle?

I actually really fucking hate you
and most of the time, I want to
punch you straight in the face,
but then I'd have to have you
repaired or replace you, and the
truth is, I'm very sentimental.

When you're doing what I ask of you,
you're as quick and thorough as a fox
darting through the brush at Island
Beach State Park. I've worn the "A"
off your keyboard, but you don't seem
too worried about it. I tried to feed
you more brain power, but it wasn't
the right stuff and you rejected it.
It's ok. I'm used to being rejected
by the ones I love the most.

The truth is, I want to hate you.
I want to throw you when that blue
screen of death interrupts me in the
middle of a poem, or updating my website,
or listening to music on Spotify.
I want to slam you on the desk and scream,
"Why are you doing this to me?!",
but it's only because I treat you so well.
I just want some appreciation once in a while.
A simple "thank you" or "good night" when I
put you to rest at night will suffice.

I know you see me through your webcam.
I might not be the perfect guy for you
and I suspect you'd be a blonde girl, as most
blondes thumb their noses at me, but sleep
mode tonight knowing that, in all honestly,
I cannot live without you.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What we've got is a "blue light special" on truth...

So much for following through on posting here more often. No worries. I will motivate myself to do so...even if I have to bash my head into a wall to remind myself. Believe me, there's much to be said, to be covered. 

I've decided not to post my daily poems here this year. I could change my mind and post a few here and there, but I'd rather keep most of them to myself. I am posting one a day at Robert Brewer's blog. He has guest judges for each day of the month and they will pick a "poem of the day" for each day. It's a different kind of structure this year, which is kind of cool, though I have no expectation of being chosen at all, especially after seeing the names of some of the people posting there. I saw work from Shaindel Beers, Aleathia Drehmer, Taylor Mali and a few other heavy hitters, as well as some lesser-knowns who are pretty killer. We'll see how this goes. The writing, at the very least, will continue. I have three for today. I want to top the 66 I wrote last year.

I also have a lot of poetry from others to cover. I am starting to make good on decreasing the pile of books on my bookcase. (No, there's no more room on this bookcase, so piles are forming in front of books.) I've been reading Sierra DeMulder (my new favorite, by far), Heather McNaugher and some others. I have books to read by Kat Dixon and some coming in the mail from Kristy Bowen. I am immersed in poetry, which is never a bad thing.

I'm also quite excited by the plethora of new releases coming in music. Several bands I love are releasing new music. Some are bands that have reformed with their original lineups (Information Society (!!), Veruca Salt (!!!), Nickel Creek (!!!!)) and others, like the brilliant San Diego band ILYA, who haven't released anything in nine years. There's more I'm undoubtedly forgetting...but rest assured, I will be in aural delight this year. 

Now, if only I can find a job worthy of my time, effort and brain power...