Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NaPoWriMo, Day 9

And now, for something bizarre...

So, my friend Amber put up a post on Facebook about getting a spam message with the title "Ejaculate in copious amounts and impress her". I told her to write a poem with that title, but...I sort of beat her to it. Yup, leave it to me. So I challenge YOU out there to write a poem with a title from a spam message in your inbox. Here's mine...

Ejaculate in copious amounts and impress her

Still, you need to work to this.
Find the right magazine or website
and start slow. If you overreach,
you'll let loose too soon and that
will never impress her. Something
with a thumb and forefinger.
Something with a giant tube that
feels like fucking a flashlight.
You need to practice, as it's the
only way to reach those copious 
amounts and then you can gain control.
You can aim for an eye, a lamp shade,
a parked car that sits right outside
your bedroom window. Crack the screen
open and see if you can hit the building
across the street. You don't need 
a firehose of a pocket rocket, just
watch this video and your member turns
into a super soaker on a Summer day.
That's bound to impress her.

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