Thursday, April 4, 2013

NaPoWriMo, Day 4

Ok, so I used the prompt from Poetic Asides for this one, which was to write a poem with the title "Hold That _____" (yeah, you fill in the blank with what you want.) Needless to say, it wasn't the best prompt in the world...until C blurted something out and I just went with it. So, enjoy this little piece...heh.

Hold that penis

is what my wife told me I should use
for the title of a poem,
told me I would be too embarrassed 
to actually write it, 
but said she wouldn't dare me to,
that she didn't really care.
She thinks I'm in here writing
gay erotica now, thinks that I'm
holding my own, maybe while I'm 
writing this, but I'm not.
I'm mostly wondering if there is
a non-pornographic way to approach
a poem with a title like this,
if there's a way to have it not sound
sordid or just plain weird,
but there probably isn't and I don't
need to hold my penis to figure that out,
but if this hasn't really held interest
for you at this point, perhaps you'll
want to click over to some porn,
but make sure it's a free site where
you don't have to sign up for anything
and, if you're a guy, this would now
be the perfect time to hold that penis,
but don't forget the lotion.

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