Sunday, April 21, 2013

NaPoWriMo, Day 21

Well, I'm keeping up with it for the third year in a row. I've been sporadic at best in the past. I think before this year, last and 2011, I'd only completed one other year and in the last two I've done 62 poems and 64 last year. I'm on pace to top that. So...I went outside the box for a couple of poems and followed the Poetic Asides prompt for a few others. Here's what I'm posting today. One is a Senryu poem, which is very similar to a haiku, but doesn't have a nature requirement. In fact, it can be humorous, biting or just focused on the human condition. The other is a Decastich poem. 

Portraits on a Sunday afternoon

A field of flowers,
something like a movie we're
thrust into, captured.

Losing Cheyenne

On the chalkboard wall in my office
you wrote your name along the corner
near the door frame, drew a pink heart
and some strange design closer to the
floor, wrote the words "Hi, I love you
guys." I'll keep the memories of you
belting out a Drowning Pool song with
your own lyrics - "Let the bodies hit
the beach!", riding go-karts in Ocean
City. All you want to do now is get high.

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