Saturday, April 20, 2013

NaPoWriMo, Day 20

So today I happened to stumble across a bizarre picture on Facebook (like this is a first or something...). It was for a cookbook...for cooking with...semen. I shit you not. It was a legit book with a legit website. So naturally, I linked it on my Facebook page. My poet friend Emily then put a link in response in the article about women who cook their placentas and eat them. Yup. Real stuff here. One says it wards off post partum depression. Uh huh. Sure. So anyway, thanks to's this winner of a poem.

Sometimes you feel like a placenta, sometimes you don't

I can take it with my multivitamin every day.
If they're made by your body and for your body
how could they be bad? There are people who
eat their own snot and that's just like eating
dirt. I was craving organs through my pregnancy.
I had to have meat, so I took another section
and threw it in the food processor with some
coconut milk and a banana. Nothing can beat the
rush of eating something that pure, something
you've cultivated in your own body. Dinner
tomorrow will be another piece, boiled with a
jalapeno pepper, some lemon and ginger. If you
eat brisket, this isn't any different. Besides,
did that brisket come from you? Can you feel
the surge of consuming something that was a part
of you and your child? You have to find good
recipes, though. If you just cook it, freeze dry
it and eat it like jerky, it's going to be bland
and the whole experience is ruined. I'll save the
broth. Some will go into my morning smoothie.
I'm just feeding the tree of life.

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