Friday, April 19, 2013

NaPoWriMo, Day 19

So, I went with the Poetic Asides prompt to write a "burn" poem. I've been reading a book called "Beautiful" by Katie Piper. I heard her story on tv some time ago and saw the struggles she went through after her attack. This is what I came up with.

Katie, disappearing

I thought it was water or coffee
thrown at me by some crazy, scruffy
homeless guy. I thought I'd have to
go home and change my clothes over
someone's rudeness until I felt the
pain sink in, until I could feel skin
coming off and watched my clothes
disappear, saw my flesh turning red,
bubble and dissolve. Everything looked
cloudy. I could hear screams and didn't
even know they were mine, my voice, a
gravelly, acid coated stranger. Pieces
of me were disappearing and I couldn't do
a thing to stop it. I felt like my bones
were on fire, like the end was near
and I was this pitiful sight, gawked at
by people. No one would help me. I knew
it was Danny's idea, knew that only he
could inflict this kind of misery, knew
that raping me two days before wasn't
enough. He had to erase me. 

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