Saturday, November 10, 2012

Post election, or why I didn't vote.

Ok, so I'm bound to get a lot of crap from many people for admitting that I didn't vote. I understand where people think that the concept of voting is something that is important, something that will actually affect some kind of change...but it really doesn't. As it is, we get inundated with television and print ads. The trees destroyed to send me these flyers in the mail must number in high amounts. I get sick of hearing smear campaigns. I get sick of hearing how much money is spent on said campaigns. Then, there's the two party system of this so-called "democracy". It's a joke and everyone knows it. We vote the same type of people in every year. You have your conservative Republicans, who hate women's rights, gays, minorities, the the NRA, etc. Of course, there's the liberal Democrats who are polar opposites. I'm tired of it all. Liberals are wrong...and so are conservatives. Everything should run right down the middle, but we're all too busy shouting over one another to listen, and at this point, no one is really listening anyway. So...what do we do? We grease a broken machine in the hopes that we'll get a few more uses out of it. It gets us nowhere. We vote and cheer when our choices win and sulk and complain when they lose. We point fingers and do nothing to improve anything. Don't you all realize by now that none of these politicians care about any of you? They don't give two shits about anyone who can't line their pockets with money or take care of some agenda. They wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. This system is broken. This is a capitalist democracy, at best. The dollar rules this nation and most people are too blind to see that. I've decided that my vote not only would not matter, but will not be for anyone who will affect the kind of change needed to make things in this country none of these worthless pieces of shit will be getting it anymore. One person CANNOT make a difference anymore. Not in 2012 and not in the future, either. It will take an uprising of the people to set it all straight...but we're all too apathetic, too lazy, too scared to do a damned thing. All of that "Occupy" bullshit did absolutely nothing. Why? The people running these so-called things lost their focus. They accomplished NOTHING and yet some people actually consider these waste-oids heroes! It's laughable. You person on a soapbox is considered a nutcase, a mentally unstable person to be committed. They're considered "conspiracy theorists", and while there are actual conspiracy theorists out there who ARE a bit out of their gourds, there are also many, many sane people out there who know exactly what I know. If there's millions of people who wake up one day and say, "Hey Washington, this is NOT your country, it's OURS and we want it BACK!" and decide to physically remove these people from their pedestals THAT is what's called action. THAT is doing something. We all deserve basic rights. We all deserve to have a place to live, food to eat, a job that suits us, that renders us a useful part of society. No one in this country, which is frequently (and arrogantly, mind you) considered "the best country in the world", should have to struggle simply to exist, to pay their bills. No one should suffer without proper health care. So why does all of this happen? Why do we all struggle so much, yet work so hard? (Well, except for the scumbags who get handouts and do nothing to better their situations.) Well...I don't know. Perhaps we should ask the assholes we all continue to elect into various offices around this not-so-great country of ours. Good ol' 'Murrica. Stars and stripes forever and all of that fucking nonsense. We're all do know that, right? So yeah, 2012 marked the first time in my life that I didn't vote...and I don't plan to do so again, not until this broken machine gets fixed...but it won't.

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