Sunday, April 8, 2012

RIP John Bourne

John Bourne was a poet. Not a well known poet nationally, maybe locally. He was the second person to be a featured poet for the Quick and Dirty Poets, a poetry group I co-founded and have been the President of for the last four years or so. He was curmudgeonly. He was funny. He was the husband of Adele Bourne, another South Jersey poet, who also read for QND and has been quite supportive of me over the years. Adele is in my thoughts, as is John, who I've thought a lot about today. He might not have always been the most openly warm person early on, but he was a presence around here. He was, by all accounts, a good man who led a good life and battled a terrible disease. I will remember him for his sense of humor. We have lost one of our own, and it's sobering.

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