Sunday, April 8, 2012

NaPoWriMo, Day 8

Write a rejection poem. Again, I tried to use the word and/or reference rejection in multiple parts of the piece. There is no target for this poem, it sort of came to me quickly, probably sucks.


You will not find yourself in this
poem, leaning against a railing by a 
rippling river while the sun drifts
slowly down. You will not find us
both staring at the same stars, in
some cluttered sky, littered with
cliche and sentiment. You will find
your advances jettisoned to some
distant time, where I was weaker.

Each line, each stanza
has been dismissed. 
Each emotion I once held, 
rebuffed by my better judgment.
Each time I felt the pressure to
display a fabrication to placate the
black hole in your empty union,
I discarded the words and lit them aflame.

This will be the last line I waste.

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