Saturday, April 7, 2012

NaPoWriMo, Day 7

Write a poem describing a scene in which two or more people interact without speaking. It's probably the best prompt Brewer has put up yet, and yet I feel like my poem falls short. Anyway, this is what I've got.

Dear life

Her sullen brown eyes stared at the
cold concrete, slivers of crystal 
glistened in the chilly April morning,
reflected her sorrow into the sky.
It was the last thing her mother touched,
the last thing she placed around her
neck. The fragile fibers, too frayed to
hold its weight. As her eyes watered,
his large, warm hand stroked away the
wet from her cheek. He spoke no words,
only knelt to be beside her small frame.
The last connection to her mother, 
returned to the earth. She hugged his
waist hard, buried her face into his
chest, held on for dear life to her
last life line.

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