Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NaPoWriMo, Day 4

Here's today's Poetic Asides prompt. Click the link and check it out, write something from it, if you wish. My poem is a bit tangent-y, but I enjoyed writing it. (Ironically enough.) 

100% fun

Kurt said in his suicide note
that it would be the worst crime
to rip people off by faking it
and pretending as if he was having
100% fun, and I think it's a bit
of an exaggeration.

There is nothing fun about bleeding
the pen and putting every fiber
onto a sheet of bleached paper,
or onto a vast internet where 
all you reveal finds permanence,
or into a song where you've pained
over every verse of lyric, every 
chord you've played, with a 
obsessive perfection.

When I think of 100% fun,
I don't think of anything I can do
in my every day life.

I think of that Matthew Sweet album
and the song "Sick of Myself" and
how I saw him play at Roseland Ballroom
and how he played for nearly three hours
almost making me miss the ferry back
to New Jersey, and how I had to direct
the cabbie to the NY Waterway, which 
was both pathetic and sad. Luckily,
I managed to catch the next to last
ferry, at 12:50 am on a weekday.

That wasn't even 5% fun for me.

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