Monday, April 30, 2012

NaPoWriMo, Day 30

So, today's Poetic Asides prompt, the last of the month, is to write a "fade away" poem. Here's my take on that idea. Tomorrow, I will reveal my total number of poems for the month and a few other random thoughts...and of course, the empty promise that I plan on posting more throughout the year. Maybe this year I'll follow through on that one.

Drop away

We scan internet message boards
and read about people who walked
by us down busy high school hallways.
We see the words cancer, heart attack,
stroke – these people who faded from
importance in our lives many years ago,
dropping like planes from the sky.
They are now all simply names in a small
column in a back section of a newspaper,
a small flicker that reminds us how briefly
we walk the earth. Their images randomly,
quickly flash in my brain, then they all drop
away, a fading, a sobering reminder of fragility.

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