Sunday, April 29, 2012

NaPoWriMo, Day 29

Today's Poetic Asides prompt is to take a line or image from a previously written poem from the month and work it into a new poem. Here's another in the series of ghost poems...

We are lost and wandering

Over the damp grass stretching along
the river, across miles of asphalt that
stretches like a maze through this tiny town.
I have convinced myself that I can rip you 
from the world that holds you captive, that 
a kiss could send you tumbling into the present, 
that I could hold your pale hand through the
evening's cold and our side by side footsteps
would embed down the dirt trails, proof that
you exist outside of my head. Your words flow
through my veins and are pouring out into verses
before my eyes, but tonight, I will wait for you
in the dimly lit basement. When the rest of the
street is hushed and sleeping, my blood will race
and you will know the depth of my affections.
I will possess the whole of you. 

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