Saturday, April 28, 2012

NaPoWriMo, Day 28

The Poetic Asides prompt today is to write a problem poem. The first thing off the top of my head was the battle I was fighting this morning out in the yard...

Two weed wackers

And neither one is cooperating
after I've cut the lawn and started
to trim the shaggy edges of our yard
in preparation for a barbecue that
my wife is stressing over.

The first one won't feed the string
through and I have to take it apart
each time I need more line fed.

The second one has now started to do
the same thing, but I keep using it
anyway, until it begins to slow down
for some unknown reason. When I look
down, I see smoke pouring out of it.

I go back to using the other one and
fight with it some more, desperate to
finish with enough time to sweep,
bring the six foot table up from the
basement and write two poems before
I get yelled at.

That will bring a new set of problems.

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