Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NaPoWriMo, Day 25

Today's Poetic Asides prompt was to write a poem about a sport. This was quite easy for me...


It was a case of serendipity that led the
Colts to a ninth round draft pick by the
name of John. The guy that couldn't crack
the Pittsburgh roster would only become a three
time MVP and a legend of the game.

It took a transitional year for the next savior
to arrive. No longer in Baltimore, they plucked
a Louisiana gunslinger with the first pick and 
ended up with a four time MVP who made eleven
Pro Bowls and helped to name a lot of babies
in the state of Indiana "Peyton". 

It was an injury to a usually durable Manning
that felled the Colts season last year, saw a 
revolving door of quarterbacks fail to win games
and left the team once again with a first overall
pick. Some say it was luck, but it won't be when
Andrew leads the team to greatness all over again.

For this team, quarterbacks like these come thrice
in a lifetime.

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