Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NaPoWriMo, Day 24

The prompt from Poetic Asides was a two-for Tuesday...write a love poem or write an anti love poem. I went the opposite of what I usually do...

A wreck cannot take everything

When they pulled her from the wreckage,
her body as battered and crushed as the
vehicle, one of her limbs was swallowed
by the scene of the accident and left behind.

When she woke in the hospital bed, she 
cried, asked me how she will be able to write
her name on an anniversary card without her
right hand, how I could love three quarters of a girl.

When doctors said they could not save the mangled
meat that remained of her left arm, she asked me
how she will be able to touch my face, to brush her
teeth, to hold a daughter, or me.

When her bruised, weary legs carried her through
our front door, I became her limbs, became her hands.
I skywrote forever hearts while she told me I loved
half a girl, told her that we are a circle, a constant
and neverending love.

At night, I wrap her with my warmth, press my cheek to
hers, whisper in her ear, "You are stuck with 100% of me."

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