Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NaPoWriMo, Day 18

Today’s prompt from Poetic Asides, think of a favorite regional cuisine, make that the title of your poem, and then, write the poem. For instance, you may title your poem something like “Brunswick Stew,” “Deep Dish Pizza,” or “Jambalaya,” though the poem doesn’t exactly have to be about food. Here's my attempt...

Philly cheesesteak

It was last year that I finally found
a place on South Street to finally try
an actual Philly cheesesteak. Of course,
South Jersey has many places that try to
emulate that benchmark of cuisine from
the city of brotherly love, but many have
told me that nothing can compare to a steak
at Geno's, at Pat's or Jim's. With a coupon
in hand, we went to Steaks On South, and it
wouldn't be my last time, either. I probably
didn't order it with the correct terminology,
my editor brain refusing to say "a cheesesteak
wit", but my mouth won't soon forget the melding
of cubes of chicken melding with fried onions and
bacon on a soft, but not too soft roll, the grease
lightly coating my hands. Still, as much as I enjoyed
that fried masterpiece, the best cheesesteak I've ever
had was from a town in my own county in South Jersey, 
on the largest roll I've ever seen a cheesesteak on. I
somehow managed to eat one of those oversized monstrosities
once, and it is now something of legend, though I don't think
my stomach has ever really forgiven me.

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