Sunday, August 21, 2011

Easily distracted...

With everything going on poetry-wise, it's hard to stay focused on my own writing lately. I did a reading on Friday as the opening act for my friend Mike, who was playing an acoustic set that featured songs off of his last two cd's. It went well, but I could have been better. I think I was rushing a bit.
I haven't written lately. I haven't had the proper nudge in that direction. I can't force myself to write unless I want crap. Anyway, I have a QND meeting tonight and I need to get situated for that, even though I'm in a great deal of pain with this back of mine. More soon...
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My kind of day...

A hard rain has just begun here and this sort of thing is usually what spurs my creativity and gets me writing. The rain, some coffee and peace and quiet. However, I have things to do around here and my day off is slowly slipping away. If I could actually afford to, I'd take the rest of the week off to finish recuperating from my messed up back and also, to give myself a swift kick in the ass for not writing a single thing since April. I'll be readying another book for release from MDP in September and also taking a weekend trip to Lancaster in September, as well. I have four readings to get situated and things to do for preparation. I'd prefer to have some more new material for those, as well. 

I think that social media has taken over a large part of my attention and I need to work on rectifying that. It's easy to get sucked into Facebook and Twitter, and while I've made many good connections on both, I feel like I could use that time to focus more on my writing and on other projects that I've wanted to begin. I do enjoy being connected, so I'd never remove myself entirely from everything. It's just not feasible to me. Also, I've been dealing with issues at my job (which doesn't even merit description here) and some nagging health issues, which easily fuel my depression, something I've battled my entire life. 

So, I'm putting aside a little time today to converse with my muse and hopefully, she'll listen to me. I've been saying that I don't have the time to blog these days, yet I lament not being here often enough. I think blogging could also be a catalyst. We'll see how it works out.