Friday, June 17, 2011

Dusting off the blog...

I haven't written since April. There, I've said it. I do have some ideas bouncing around the melon, but I've been revising some of the 62 I wrote in April, while working on things for Maverick Duck Press, like getting Adrienne Odasso's new chapbook ready to be printed. It is due this month. I've also been going through the backlog of submissions there and brought it up to current, so that's something of an achievement, I suppose. Also, Chantarelle's Notebook will be putting out a new issue next month, so there's that, as well. So basically, I've been in editor mode for May and much of June. 

As for myself, I have one poem out in the new issue of Drown In My Own Fears, which is a cool little quarterly journal that has taken work of mine before. I am waiting on word of another submission and am planning two more submissions.

Then, there's the manuscript. It was rejected by a press fairly quickly, which I appreciated (the speed of rejection, not the actual rejection, of course), as I can get it back out quickly. I'm not really sure where it will fit, but I will not self publish with MDP again. I want it to find a home, but I'm having difficulties figuring out where to send. I don't see the point of paying a reading fee to potentially be rejected, so I've been trying to find more places that read chapbook manuscripts that don't charge a reading fee. This has been fruitless.

My next post will be in reference to reading fees. I think it should be a separate post, so stay tuned. 

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