Thursday, April 7, 2011

NaPoWriMo, Day 7

It's light verse day...for me, anyway. The first is another Decastich poem based on a "What if?" prompt. The second is from of prompt of "things you've learned from your dog".

A litany of what-ifs put into perspective

A response to your email never sent would
have stranded me in a basement for several
more years, undoubtedly. Letting you escape
when the distance between us was crushing
could have landed me with the short haired
blonde teacher who was a Yankees fan, a
natural enemy to my beloved Twins and I.
A refusal to move from the safe confines of
the familiar would have been the end of us.
Waking up next to you again, I never forget these things.

A few things I've learned from Layla

I've learned that taking long naps while
balled up underneath a blanket can be a
seriously zen experience.

I've learned that sometimes, you have to
stick your nose through your bowl a few
times to find the really tasty pieces.

I've learned that begging can occasionally
get you what you want. Occasionally.

I've learned that there is always one
person who will put up with your shit
and pick up after you.

I've learned that if you're cute enough,
you can get your way all the time.

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