Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NaPoWriMo, Day 6

The first poem is from a prompt of "Don't (blank), (blank)" and the second is a Decastich poem, meaning a free verse poem of ten lines.

Don't deflect blame, here is a mirror

It's funny, how some people show compassion,
how it is masked by the familiar
undercurrents of cattiness, of moments
never entirely left back in high school,
where passing notes and babbling about who
is kissing who and who is giving blow jobs
in the backs of cars still translates to
what is really talked about some fifteen
years later.

A mirror cannot lie.
About anything.
It describes every flaw you refuse to see.

Hurt is defined by what you feel,
never what is inflicted in sharp commentary
amongst those who stroke the ego
in the comfortable confines of familiarity.
The arrow pierces only one way when shot.

Your nausea will subside now that the words
that cut you have tempered to a drizzle.
Your concern was never with a union,
but the image you desperately need
to maintain.


You are a brown ponytailed flash of
light, a burst of blue waves in
your eyes at seven am when we
both are exhausted from this
grind of public service.
I keep you near, like a little
sister and guard you from the
circling prey that would swallow
you. And when they try to separate
us, a long embrace shields us.

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  1. Wow! A two-fer! I have trouble getting one poem posted ... these are very impressive! I think I like Firework best. "A brown ponytailed flash of
    light" is a wonderful image.