Saturday, April 30, 2011

NaPoWriMo, Day 30

Well, this is it for April. I managed one today, which isn't terrible considering that I've written the last two poems while on vacation in Lancaster and struggling with iffy wi-fi. Anyway, the PA prompt was to write an "after leaving here" poem, so I made it about our trip here. I know, too easy...but after 62 poems, I believe I get some latitude.  

After leaving here

We will have to unload all of the bags
that have built up in the back seat of
my car and separate the clothes from
the snacks and lament that the trip was
far too short and went too quickly.

We will have to readjust to sleeping
in our own bed, our backs thanking us
for returning to some stiff normalcy.

We will have to dump all of the dirty
clothes into our basement laundry room
and hope there's nothing in there that
we need to start the week off with since
neither one of us will want to wash
clothes after the long ride back.

We will moan and complain about going
back to eating right, back to our
thankless jobs, back to pay the bills
piling in the office, back to everything
that drove us out to a peaceful weekend
away from our lives.

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