Monday, April 25, 2011

NaPoWriMo, Day 25

Today's PA prompt was to write a 'falling' poem, so I managed that. Both poems today are a bit morbid, the second isn't great. It's a bit paranoid...or is it? 

The Falling

First, it was the mall
on an early Saturday evening,
my arms draped like butcher slabs
over the cool, silver railing,
then a slip, hands slide off the rail,
head first, turning
air rushing around me and then -
my head rises, a gasp,
a bead of sweat.
The first of many tumbles.

The Empire State Building,
the Grand Canyon,
The Golden Gate Bridge.

Everywhere I've been, I've fallen.
My body a sacrifice to my brain,
a dead man walking.

The plan is simple:
avoid escalators,
stay five feet away from railings,
release my grip from anything,
that pulls me to the edge.


The sudden nausea hits,
heightens the pain that
wraps from ear to ear.
The neck crackles with
protest and you connect
it all with a demise you
are not willing to fight
anymore, yet you repeat,
I'm not ready yet.
I'm not ready yet.

A self diagnosis,
a portend,
a means to the end.
You repeat your mantra.
Not like this.
Not like this.

Grasp for reasons,
pull the plug on sleep,
keep eyes bloodshot to
keep the factory from
shutting down.

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