Monday, April 18, 2011

NaPoWriMo, Day 18

The first is from a prompt of "write a poem with the title Like _______". The second is to write an incantatory color poem. 

Like two idiots

We would stay up late, eating an entire box
of ice cream sandwiches while you would
force me to play Tecmo Bowl Football and
give me a beatdown every time.
I'd unleash my frustration by throwing the
controller in the air with a backspin,
get up and walk away until we'd find
something else to do, like firing a hard
plastic football at each other's heads,
just to see if one of us would be able to
catch the thing before it slammed against
the wall and made our mother scream down
the steps at us and remind us what time it was,
as if we were completely oblivious to it.
Other times, we'd watch the same movies,
ad nauseum until we could recite every single
line and mimic each character's expression,
while raiding our mother's stash of snacks
that she saved 'for company', but never for us.

If you ever make the drive down here, I have
at least a half box of ice cream sandwiches
in the freezer. You bring the Doritos.

In her closet

Black scarves hang from over stuffed racks
in a closet where black shoes and boots
litter the floor of the closet and the
hard floor scuffed from black soles that
have trekked through and have been tossed
aside in search of the right black heel
or black flat to go with whatever
black skirt or shirt that you swears holds
a different shade of black than the last,
though I can't see it, I just see black,
like any other color, though it could just
be that I'm comfortable with my black
Doc Martens and my black Converse and the
two pairs of black Skechers I own, one
shiny and the other, flat black, or it
could just be that I'm a guy, and I
just don't get it.

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