Sunday, April 17, 2011

NaPoWriMo, Day 17

I'm rolling along here and now have a total of 40 poems in 17 days. The first one today is from a prompt to write a "big picture" poem. The second is my second attempt at a 40 line poem that is one sentence.


It won't matter if the collective bargaining agreement
in the NFL ever gets solved, or if your favorite show
on tv gets cancelled, or if your abs are ripped enough.
This planet will keep turning, spinning and circling
the sun and its tectonic plates will keep shifting and
keep us on our toes until we fuck with things too much
and then, nature will punish us a little more. Pieces
of our countries will be swallowed by raging seas and
levees will break as a reminder that we can't really
alter what nature has planned. There will be shore front
property in Arizona, a lot fewer island nations, but I'll
be long forgotten by then. I'm not even sure if this poem
will survive technology as it sits on some computer or
flash drive, rendered obsolete.

Reality Sucks

It's starting to
get offensive
to me that any
jackass who
ends up on a
reality show can
land a show on
tv, on just about
any network while
some of us,
myself included,
can plug away at
bullshit jobs and
come home to write
and write and write
and there's not a
damned person on
the face of the
frickin' earth
who gives a crap,
but people know who
The Situation is
and give a shit
about who is Dancing
With The Stars but
do you think for one
fucking minute that
a show called Top
Poet would ever be
nothing more than
a blip in the Nielsen
ratings when you can
just watch a bunch
of teen girls dealing
with having babies at
fourteen years old or
see what crappy singer
American Idol forces
on the public again,
while we all just keep
voting on our phones
for them and we all just
keep ourselves glued
to our televisions like
the good little lemmings
we are.

1 comment:

  1. Woo Hoo! Top Poet ... I can see that on PBS. Forget all those other channels. They appeal to and appease the masses, the same kind of people who gave a bloodthirsty roar when the gladiators entered the Roman Colosseum. They could never understand poetry! You've got some great stuff posted today!!!