Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NaPoWriMo, Day 13

I have officially hit the 30 poem mark on day 13. I think I've shocked myself, to be honest. Anyway, the first of these three poems is another ascending/descending fibonacci poem. It was written for a coworker this morning. I read it to her at work. The second is from a prompt of "write a poem that remembers an old relationship". The third is from a prompt of "write a poem in five minutes or less". I got it in at 4:57. 

Fibonacci for Dianna

when you
drink all those
mochas you sing out
of key and get loud and hyper,
but at least you're entertaining.
I may be grumpy
a lot but
I do

To The Woman Who Gave Birth To My Nieces and Nephew

It all ended with silence.

You stopped confiding in me
soon after my presence was long
gone from the area and there was
no one around who would ever
suspect that you would fall so
incredibly hard from the pedestal
you placed yourself on.

The revelations of a threesome
came much later in a phone call,
but not from you.

No one knew about the alcohol,
or the musician who was ten years
younger than you, just as he
probably didn't know about your
daughters and your son while you
were fucking, probably in some
sleazy New York City motel.

And months later,
after therapy and rehab,
after blaming neglectful parents
and bipolar disease,
your detachment seems
all the more contrived
after hearing that you fucked
my cousin, as well.

And yet, you're still allowed
to work with children.


All you can do is stare
at the brightly lit,
crossed out circle that
shows a left hand turn,
stare at the long gates
as they provide a flimsy
barrier from the metal
bullet that zips down
the rails, seemingly on
every occasion that you
try to make a right or
a left to cross out of
your small town and up
towards the long stretch

of highway ahead.

Sit and stare again as
another of those body
carriers comes from the
other direction, sending
more of us lemmings off
to another day of work,
but at least, they aren't
waiting. They aren't going
to be late.


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  1. Wow! I'm impressed! Three new poems is the equivalent of a poetic triathlon!!!