Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NaPoWriMo, Day 12

The first poem, from a prompt of "write a form poem or an anti-form poem", is a list poem. The second is a poem called a fibonacci, which I wrote as an ascending/descending fibonacci. The last is a shadorma, so I've written in three forms today. I believe that is a personal record.

As a Colts fan

I have only been alive to see them
win one Super Bowl, but there have been
a long list of teams that I call,
'mental blocks' come playoff time.

The Pittsburgh Steelers knocked them out
twice in a couple of painful games
decided by a dropped pass and a missed field goal.

The San Diego Chargers find a way to beat them
either at home or in Indianapolis,
with virtually anyone at quarterback,
though Philip Rivers always kills us.

The New York Jets beat us in a Super Bowl,
with Joe Namath guaranteeing a win,
while a new generation of Colt killers
led by Mark Sanchez knocked them out this year.

Those New Orleans Saints marched their way
to a championship in February 2010 and
Drew Brees burned us all over again,
that ex-Charger. I really want to hate him,
but he's a really terrific quarterback.

A lot of these losses were with a future
Hall of Famer at quarterback, and that's what
kills me the most, when I can remember everyone
who came before the mighty Peyton Manning.

There was Captain Comeback, Jim Harbaugh,
now the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.
There's not much to say about Paul Justin,
but I can say that Kerwin Bell deserved a shot.
Mike Pagel was so-so, but had some moments.
Gary Hogeboom never really worked out.
I did always like Jack Trudeau, who should have
started over that loudmouth Jeff George.
Kelly Holcomb saved his best for when he
started for the Cleveland Browns.
Bert Jones might have been the best Colt QB
to never win a Super Bowl.
We won't talk about Art Schlichter.

The saddest part is that this year,
there might not be a season.


Buy a
girl with the
name Xenia charged
me for three cd's instead of
four. I hope she doesn't get in
trouble over it.
My wife thought
that she

Before sleep

The smell of
her face cream is the
last thing that
sticks in his
head, and how soft her cheek felt
when his lips touched it.

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