Sunday, April 10, 2011

NaPoWriMo, Day 10

The first is a reverse etheree using a 'never again' prompt. The second is an acrostic poem chosen from a random word found in a reference book. I used a dictionary, flipped random and pointed. I ended up with the word 'hypothetical'.

163 days of pain

The big money, corporate driven teams
will always find a way to buy their
talent away from the little
guys, like my Twins, who suffer
year after year longing
for a World Series.
Never again
in my life
may they


Have a good alibi ready for when
you spend a little extra time
parked in front of her house,
or outside sharing a cigarette.
The talk is bound to happen when
her cell phone blows up with texts.
Extra, extra! Did you hear?
They certainly must be fucking, right?
It all adds up, look at them hugging again!

Cancel all of those plans you had
and forget about that nap.
Leave a random pair of underwear on your bedroom floor.


  1. Enjoyed your reverse etheree; quite the challenge to work down to one syllable! How is it that you are such a loyal Twins fan? I follow them, but I live in Minnesota.

  2. My father is from Minnesota, so I grew up on the Twins. It was pretty cool to see them win in 87 and 91, but especially the last one against the Braves. I can't stand that team. Anyway, thanks for all of your comments. I really appreciate them.