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I've decided to wipe out the old posts and start anew. I feel like I'm doing this every five years or so. Also, I'm going to focus on reducing my time on social media, with the exception of shameless PR posts, and catching up with online friends, since most of my friends ARE online. I will focusing this blog on my work, publishing, and books in general. I'll be giving many shout outs to writer friends that I think are great, and keeping any ranting to a minimum. I just don't have the energy for fuckery anymore, and the fuckwits on social media are making me twitch, so...yeah, I'm done with all of that. I need to be focused on work, work, work. Which brings me to... I started to put together a writing space in the basement. (We have a finished basement.) I never did finish it. My old laptop has been sitting down there on the desk, along with a few pens, a picture, and some of posters from featured readings I did. Well, step one was to put the electric typewrite

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